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Build a Sustainable Future with Our CLT Panel Modular Home


The majority of the building components are manufactured beforehand and prepared off-site. This means that the assembly of CLT panel modular homes is completed in 6-8 weeks compared to traditional construction methods.


Our CLT panel homes offer remarkable energy effectiveness, minimizing heat transfer and leading to lower energy consumption. This dramatically reduces the cost of living expenses.


Minimize the space required for construction. These innovative homes offer a minimal space requirement while providing ample living space and functionality. Precise planning and customization ensures that every square inch is utilized effectively.


In addition to its carbon dioxide storage capability, CLT effectively sequesters carbon during construction, preventing its release into the atmosphere. As a result, each of our modular homes represents an impactful contribution towards mitigating climate change.

Effortless Move-In

Our homes are fully equipped with installed kitchens and bathrooms, providing you with everything you need to settle in and begin enjoying your ideal lifestyle from day one. You can move in effortlessly and embark on living your dream life without any delays or additional installations.  Customize the remaining living areas with your own furniture to showcase your distinct style and personality.

Remarkable track record of over 45 exceptional projects successfully completed!

VMS houses HAVEN mini 3D model front view


This innovative design seamlessly merges the kitchen, bedroom, and living room into a single open studio layout. With its clever arrangement, this compact dwelling offers a versatile and effortlessly chic space to cook, relax, and rest, all within arm's reach.

Total building area on ground: 24.8 m2

Terrace: 29.2 m2

Total: 54.0 m2

VMS houses modular house HAVEN


Discover a delightful modular house with a single bedroom and an open floor plan, seamlessly combining a modern kitchen and inviting living room. Bathed in natural light, this compact yet charming dwelling offers a cozy sanctuary and a versatile space for relaxation and entertaining.

Total building area on ground: 48.0 m2

Terrace: 45.4 m2

Total: 93.4 m2

VMS houses modular house HAVEN L80


Our HAVEN L floor plan boasts an open-concept layout that maximizes natural light and creates an inviting atmosphere. The spacious living and dining area seamlessly flows into a well-equipped kitchen, while the cozy bedroom and accessible bathroom prioritize ease of use and safety. 

HAVEN L-large: 80.4 m2

HAVEN L-medium: 64.0 m2

HAVEN L-small: 60.4 m2

More details on sizes are seen in the floor plans under ''find out more''

VMS houses 3D model HAVEN XL front view


This larger dwelling boasts a comfortable double bedroom and an extra room to turn into either another bedroom or an efficient office/storage space, offering ample space for rest and rejuvenation. The open floor plan seamlessly connects the living room, kitchen, and dining area, creating a harmonious hub for relaxation and entertaining. 

Total building area on ground: 95.2 m2

Terrace: 42.9 m2

Total: 138.1 m2

VMS houses GLAMPING modular home model


With its emphasis on functionality and style, this Glamping CLT House is a haven for rest and rejuvenation. Whether you're looking to escape into nature or seeking a productive workspace away from the city, this modern retreat offers the ideal setting to unwind and reconnect with your surroundings.

Total building area on ground: 37.4 m2

Order now and move in after 6-8 weeks! 


VMS houses process of purchase

Why build with us?


Our experienced team delivers exceptional workmanship, ensuring long-lasting structural integrity and resilience.


Our history of successful projects and satisfied customers demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional living solutions.


VMS Houses focus on quality, sustainability, and timeless design contributing to the lasting value and appeal of each property.


VMS Houses combine cutting-edge technology with modern aesthetics to create versatile and attractive living spaces.

VMS houses is more than just a construction company - it is a movement that seeks to inspire a new generation of homeowners to embrace a sustainable future. By choosing VMS houses, you're not only investing in a beautifully crafted, customizable living space, you're also taking a stand for the environment and contributing to a greener and more sustainable world.