VMS houses is expanding!

We are actively seeking strategic partners and local independent agents.

Our goal is to establish a strong presence throughout Europe and deliver exceptional customer experience with our turn-key projects. As a partner, you have the opportunity to be part of our exciting journey and contribute to the growth of our business.


Agent Advantages

Comprehensive Marketing and Sales Support: We equip you with a robust arsenal of marketing and sales tools. From a localized website to a state-of-the-art CRM sales system and strategic Google and social media advertising, lead generation to put deals on your table.

Important Role in Selling Modular Homes: As a future agent, you'll be at the forefront of selling VMS modular homes in your local area. Your efforts will directly impact the success of this exciting industry.

Competitive Commissions: Your hard work and dedication will be rewarded with competitive commissions. The more sales you generate, the greater your earnings. Your success is your reward.

Zero Upfront Investment: We understand that you want to jump start your career without the burden of upfront costs. At VMS, there are no investments required. Your potential for success is not limited by financial barriers.

Our Expectations for Agents

Your previous experience in the real estate industry is a valuable asset. Whether you've been involved in real estate transactions, development projects, or modular home sales, your day-to-day expertise will be the cornerstone of your performance.

Proven Track Record
: Your ability to take a lead from its initial interest and guide it to a successful purchase is crucial. A strong track record of closed deals demonstrates your competency in turning prospects into satisfied customers.

Local Market Expertise: Understanding your local market, including its unique regulations and the necessary permits for modular home construction, is essential. Your insight into the local landscape is a key advantage.

Dedication to Succeed: We expect you to bring the drive to generate sales and aspire to be a market leader in the prefab modular house segment. Your unwavering commitment to success will set you apart and fuel your journey with us.

This VMS houses Agent collaboration model is perfect for those who excel at sales. Focus on what you do best, while our team of experts handles the technical work.


Partner Advantages

Foster Your Own Business: As a strategic partner, you'll have a pivotal role in selling VMS modular homes within your local region. Your dedicated efforts combined with our experience and dedicated support will empower your business to grow.

Dedicated marketing and sales support: In addition to the bonuses our Agents receive, our Partners will have access to our sales agents for assistance in sales efforts

Maximized Profits: Our collaboration is designed to not only provide exceptional support but also to help you maximize your profits. We aim to ensure that your efforts yield the greatest financial rewards.

Showroom Creation Support: As our partner, you'll receive support for creating a showroom that starts with home material samples, brochures, and financial assistance for the development of demo houses. We're here to assist you in every step of creating a compelling showroom for your modular homes.

Our Expectations for Partners

Establishing a Showroom: Your commitment to establishing a showroom is an important step in showcasing the quality of our products to potential customers. It serves as a physical representation of our brand to push our sales.

Local Expertise: Your exceptional grasp of local regulations, permits, and building procedures is an invaluable asset to our partnership. Your expertise ensures a seamless and compliant process in your specific region.

Resourceful Infrastructure: You'll be offering modular home installation, precise delivery and foundation construction. This ensures a seamless service for every project. You provide a full service, from the sale to installation.

Collaboration with VMS houses Agents: Create a synergistic relationship that benefits all parties involved. Our agents bring valuable sales opportunities, leading to profits for you. In return, your contribution of showrooms and other resources supports a collective success that advances our mutual goals.

This role is perfect for those who want to grow their business through collaboration with strong partner.

We are extending our presence across Europe

Our expansion includes the following countries:

Austria, Czechia, Denmark,
Estonia, Finland, France,
Germany, Iceland, Ireland,
Italy, United Kingdom,
Lithuania, Norway, Poland,
Portugal, Slovakia, Spain,
Sweden, Switzerland

Step by step to start working with us 

step by step guide to becoming a partner or agent at VMS houses

Quality Product: VMS houses is renowned for its high-quality, sustainable, and customizable prefab modular homes.

Support: We provide comprehensive support throughout the sales and post-sales processes.

Competitive Commissions: Our commission structure is designed to reward your efforts.

Sustainable Focus: By partnering with VMS houses, you become part of the sustainability movement in the construction industry.

Embrace a partnership with VMS houses, where THERMORY Group's expansive expertise and commitment to excellence elevate us to new heights.

Together, we inspire a new era of architectural excellence, where beauty, durability, and environmental consciousness are seamlessly integrated.